49702 B B + W for diameter 49 mm F-Pro702 25% gray MRC

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49702 (49702)


B + W for diameter 49 mm F-Pro702 25% gray MRC

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DescriptionGradient Filter Transition gray filter B + W F-Pro MRC 702 is made of high transparent glass Schott. Gray transition is applied to one side of the filter, the same technology is applied antireflective layer. Using a combination of par oxides of various metals in vacuum is achieved by continuously dwindling gray layer. Glass is mounted in a brass rim for F-PRO to ensure smooth rotation of the filter. Filter B + W MRC 702 passes in the darkest place only 25% of the light (-2 f-numbers). Gray gradient filters are almost essential for landscape photography where equalize large differences lighting of the scene. This problem arises mainly with digital sensors that do not have the exposure latitude as a film negative. MRC layers provide a high transmittance (99%) and prevents light reflected from the digital transmitter back to the optical system and the formation of the veil. The last filter layer protects against scratches and facilitates cleaning. With anti-glare surface MRC is also possible to use 2 transition filters B + W once. Specifications: Finish: MRC (multi-layer coating) Thread Diameter: 49 mm Transmission: 25% Light (-2 f-numbers)
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