46100530112 REMINGTON Remington B97TEU Your Style Teasing Brush

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46100530112 (46100530112)


Remington B97TEU Your Style Teasing Brush

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DescriptionBrush comb for distribution sources, nylon blend-ionic bristles and natural boar bristles Tupírovací crest Remington Your Style creates an amazing structure, volume, perfectly separates tupíruje and adjusts her hair. Its ionic bristles give the hair negative ions in order to close every hair cuticle for brighter and healthier looking hair. Natural boar bristles again help transmit the natural oils from the scalp through hair follicle, leading to healthier and smoother hair. The bristles can also help stimulate the scalp and thereby increase blood flow, which can help you grow hair. Features: Tupírovací ridge with nylon ionic and natural boar bristles Nylon ionic bristles that are perfect for reducing curl Natural boar bristles minimize problems and improve shine Tupírovací comb is ideal for separating, tupírování and styling It creates a wonderful texture and volume to your hair
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