46100530113 REMINGTON Remington B97VEU Your Style Vent Brush

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46100530113 (46100530113)


Remington B97VEU Your Style Vent Brush

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DescriptionBrush round, nylon bristles ionization, ceramic head Blow Brush Remington Your Style Add your hair total volume during blowing, without frizz. It is also great for combing curly hair and achieve the effect of lost waves. Ionic hair bristles deliver negative ions to close every hair cuticle for brighter and healthier looking hair. Highly heat-resistant ceramic brush head retains heat dryer and accelerates the drying process, while the constant temperature can reach 125 ° C. Features: Blow brush with nylon bristles ionic Ceramic and air brush head, which reduces drying time Nylon ionic bristles that are perfect for reducing curl Blow brush, which is ideal for blowing hair and combing Ideal for combing curly hair to create the effect of lost waves Soft grip for maximum comfort and Sevre
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