43051560111 REMINGTON Remington BHT2000A Bodyguard

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43051560111 (43051560111)


Remington BHT2000A Bodyguard

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DescriptionClippers hair, titanium blades, 5 preset lengths, running time 40 minutes, charging time 14-16hod., washable The German company Remington ranks among specialists on products that have made significant contributions to the natural beauty of your body. Powerful trimmer Remington BHT200A offers a complete solution for men's care . With integrated innovative technologies is making grooming extraordinary results. Perfectly sharpened titanium blades are predestined for flexible adjustment of hair. A total of five ridges allows the height of the splice in the range 3-12 mm . There is also a removable comb for precise trimming and shaping. Unique System Wet/Dry allows you to select between dry and wet trimming. This model is not waterproof, but it can be washed with water without any problems. Internal battery famously serve throughout the 40 minutes and then use it must be best to leave overnight to recharge. The main advantages: Washable Sharp titanium blades 5 ridges (3-12 mm) 40 minutes running on battery
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