44159530103 REMINGTON Remington Ci97B32 32 mm Tong Attachment

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44159530103 (44159530103)


Remington Ci97B32 32 mm Tong Attachment

Unit Price10,53 EUR
Minimum Order Quantity1
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DescriptionAccessories 32 mm, for a set Your Style CI97M1 protective anti-static surface, ceramic, tourmaline and easily moving If you like casual wavy hairstyle, this add-on for your curling iron in the form of attachment is designed for you. With 32 mm diameter to create beautiful curls with which shine at any occasion. Styling is easy and done in no time. Surprise your partner or friends! Fourfold surface including tourmaline give your hair shine and natural beauty with less static electricity. The adapter is designed for versatile styler Your Style CI97M1. attachment waves generate free average - 32 mm 4x protective surface - anti-static, ceramic, tourmaline and easy moving - for subtle sheen and less static suitable for curling iron CI97M1 Your style
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