45487560100 REMINGTON Remington Curling Wand CI96W1 Silk

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45487560100 (45487560100)


Remington Curling Wand CI96W1 Silk

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DescriptionHair curler loknovací, tapered body 25 mm-13 mm, temperature of 120-220 ° C, rapid heating during the 30s, lock temperature display First-class loknovací curler Curling Wand from Silk collection of tools from Remington for extra fast, efficient and healthy hair styling. With this great help conjure up in your mind highly professional and impressive hairstyles within minutes and extra warm your home. Silk Styling Collection A unique collection of professional tools for hair styling Silk comes in a stylish design tuning into sumptuous red silk with 3D printing on ceramic work surfaces. All devices in this premium range are designed to take care of luxurious styling and eliminate frizz and static effect of hair. Ceramic coating hair tools deliver perfectly shiny and healthy look in a few steps. Now you can create the perfect haircut at Salon quality without the help of professionals, and in the comfort of your home! Remington Curling Wand Silk Hair Curler Curling Wand Remington Silk captivates you not only with its modern stylish looks and high performance, but also adjustable temperature in the range 120-220 ° C depending on the type and condition of your hair. The combination of a conical shape and tapered body curler then allows you to create a sharp and spiral curl. A great feature is the i informative digital display and temperature lock, which prevents the accidental change. With a curling iron Remington Curling Wand Silk quickly forget it infinitely long wait for proper heating up the working surface. It is ready to use in just 30 seconds, so the time beautifying your hair is reduced to an absolute minimum. Remington thinks of your safety - with an automatic safety shutdown and heat-resistant gloves and packaging is to protect against a possible disaster ensured. Product highlights: The conical shape and tapered body (25 mm - 13 mm) for a spiral curl Setting the temperature in the range 120-220 ° C Rapid heating during 30 seconds Automatic safety shutdown after 60 minutes Informative digital display Temperature lock to prevent inadvertent change Heat-resistant gloves Refractory packaging
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