41144560110 REMINGTON Remington F5800 Titanium-X

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41144560110 (41144560110)


Remington F5800 Titanium-X

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DescriptionRazor Double foil, extendable trimmer, Flex & Pivot technology, quick charge 5min, 60min running time up, charging time 2h., washable Shaver Remington F5800 attracted mainly by its technology Triple Shave. Combines two stainless steel blades with clipper intercept to capture a longer beard trimming, which reduces shaving. Pivoting neck shaving naturally adapts to the contours of the face, chin and neck. Thanks to the constant contact with the skin and ensure a comfortable close shave. Maintenance of grinder makes it easy to clean design head. The tool is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that will last up to 60 minutes of comfortable use. Full charge achieved after 120 minutes, but thanks to rapid of 5 minutes is ready to shave one goes. Favorable bonus is also LED Battery Status Indicator. As well as a universal input voltage for worldwide use. Specifications: Basic: Dual Plane with the trimmer "Intercept" Flex & Pivot technology (independently floating foil, swivel head) Extendable trimmer Titanium finish clipper blades Nonslip grip Washable Power: Network / battery Universal voltage Up to 60 minutes of operation without cable 120 minutes to full charge 5 minutes quick charge for single shave LED Battery Status Indicator Accessory: Travel Case
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