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Remington IPL6000

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DescriptionEpilator IPL technology, bulb flashes in 1500, 2 modes, LED, 3 bulbs Remove all unwanted hair with elegant epilator designed by world-renowned company Remington. The device uses the latest technology to IPL or Intense Pulsed Light that lightens and heat reaches even the smallest hair at the root. Thus preventing its further growth and cause his subsequent falling out. Everything is absolutely painless and very effective. Not only are easily and quickly get rid of unwanted hair, but especially this method is very gentle to your skin. Remington epilator IPL6000 has also propulsion technology, thanks to which he is able to issue a two-second bursts with a record response. Together with the fact that every single shock will hit a very large area of ??the i-Light Pro Face & Body is one of the fastest hair removal options in the market. It is also secure a lasting effect epilation. Features: Built-in UV protection Faster frequency PROPULS: Flash every 2 seconds Higher performance (7-8 J / cm2) Multi-Flash for a larger area and single-flash for close-treatment Network Lifetime žárovky- 1500 flashes The kit includes 3 bulbs Unisex Universal voltage The hair removal comprising: ? Base Handheld device including a cartridge LED indicators: Light intensity The selected mode Lamp life
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