41155560110 REMINGTON Remington PR1230 Power Series

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41155560110 (41155560110)


Remington PR1230 Power Series

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DescriptionRazor adaptable head ActiveContour, technology PowerFlex 360, dual blades, trimmer Comfort Trim Shaver Remington PR1230 utilizes PowerFlex 360 ° for better contact with the skin and increasing comfort while shaving. Another advantage of the flexible rotary head which is comfortable to adapt the contours of your face and compared to conventional heads reduces irritation and provide up to 33% closer shave. Dual Blades then doubled collecting beard for faster and more efficient results. The specialty is razor trimmer ComfortTrim with rounded edges, which are specifically designed for detailed parts such as chops. Using a grinder is very easy. Just plug it into a wall socket, and press Start. Model PR1230 is the ideal companion for men requiring a smooth face and quick results. Specifications: Basic: Technology PowerFlex 360 - flexible shaving surface for better contact and comfort Adaptive head "ActiveContour" - about 33% better fit Dual Blades - 50% better coverage while shaving Clipper "Comfort Trim" - rounded edges with a trimmer detail Ultra precision steel knives - enables superior shaving performance Power: For mains Universal voltage Accessory: Cover Title
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