43047560100 REMINGTON Remington Stylist HC363C

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Remington Stylist HC363C

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DescriptionClippers Ceramic blades, 8 additional ridges (3-25 mm), operating time 40min, 90min charging time High technology for beauty salons around the world. Remington renowned company helps top experts beauty salons around the world for more than seventy years. Ergonomic products with excellent performance - which not only work great, but also take care of your hair - prepared by experts from the field of innovation, using cutting-edge technologies. Wet or dry hair - clipper show always accurate fit. Equipment for cosmetic styling allows every kind of cutting operations Precision blades made of tempered steel with ceramic coating silica provide exceptional hardness and durability. Non-slip grip surface and allows the use of cordless permanently comfortable work . Please carefully select the type of trim is available eight comb attachments for cutting height 3-25 mm. The stylish briefcase is more than 15 tools - except comb attachments you'll see a pincers, scissors, comb, barber cape, cleaning brush. Key Features Precision blades made of tempered steel with advanced ceramic coating Self-sharpening blades and lubricating with high resistance and durability 8 additional combs for cutting height 3-25 mm Cordless design allows work time to 40 minutes charging time 90 minutes Stylish case contains 15 tools for every job anywhere
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