41161560110 REMINGTON Remington XR1390 Hyperflex Verso

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Remington XR1390 Hyperflex Verso

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DescriptionShaver head ActiveContour XL, technology hyperflexion, trimmer ComfortTrim 0.4/6mm operating time 60min, 90min charging., waterproof Take care of your skin in the best possible way and put trust in a long tradition. Remington XR 1390 is not just another ordinary shaver, but packed with technology predator. The optimal combination for your beard - rotating head and trimmer in one piece will bring maximum comfort. Become one of the proud owners of this beast and admire the unmatched need to shave every day. Everything is designed for maximum efficiency with the the greatest possible sensitivity to your skin . The heart is a high quality rechargeable battery that can power the machine up to 60 minutes on a single charge. LED digital display is commonplace. Technology: Hyperflex and ActiveContour XL - The combination of these two technologies enables the entire head, but each of the sub-heads, adjust your angle to the needs of each individual user. Thanks to this device maintains close contact with the face, chin and neck, thereby reducing the overall irritation. Dual Blade "Ultra Precision" - Ensure the rapid and mostly good results. Playfully, how do you deal with long beard, and with slight stubble. ComfortTrim - Hair clipper suitable for editing chops or long beards. Tune results exactly according to your preference with adjustable comb with a range of 2-6 mm or without (0.4 mm). The main advantages: Rotary shaver and trimmer in one Quality and fast shave Maximum comfort shaving Minimal skin irritation Waterproof design Up to 60 minutes of use per charge LED digital display Rechargeable panel Travel Case Adjustable comb Battery: 90 minutes charging Quick-five minutes
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