46100530110 REMINGTON Remington B96PEU Silk Paddle Brush

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46100530110 (46100530110)


Remington B96PEU Silk Paddle Brush

Unit Price8,73 EUR
Minimum Order Quantity1
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DescriptionBrush flat, nylon bristles ionization, ceramic head pins to separate spring Flat brush Remington Nylon Silk uses ionization bristles for combing unruly thick hair and reduce frizz. This gives you a slick hairstyle. Soft grip brushes will serve for maximum comfort grip. Built Pineta handle brush again to separate the hair during styling for the perfect hairstyle. Features: Flat brush with nylon bristles ionization Ceramic brush head accelerates drying Nylon bristles are perfect for unruly thick hair Flat brush is ideal for combing and sleek hairstyles Needles to strand separation, the professional design Ionization bristles reduce frizz Soft grip for maximum comfortable and firm grip
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